Crisis Management

elite_5In today’s internet-driven world bad news travels at lightning speed.
Bad news can appear on hundreds of websites; going viral within minutes.
This is why it is vital companies launch a proactive media push the instant bad news occurs.
The slightest delay can result in hundreds, or even thousands, of one-sided negative stories that destroy your hard-earned reputation within minutes.
An immediate response from you will ensure that there is more balanced reporting of the issue and create an opportunity for you to have your side of the story heard.
If our clients are faced with a crisis, we will have a veteran journalist briefed and ready to go in less than an hour.
The journalists that will be helping you will be experienced in dealing with fast-moving stories and will have reported on countless bad news issues during their careers.
They know exactly how media organisations work and the best ways to deal with any crisis.

With our team of of highly-trained journalists that span the country we will:

  • * IMMEDIATELY prepare and distribute nationally a “holding pattern” media release.
  • * RECOMMEND a strategy for dealing with the issue that creates an impression that the company is dealing with the issue appropriately.
  • * CREATE a list of media organisations, journalists and other organisations that should be contacted.
  • * ORGANISE immediate media briefings that will balance any negative coverage and ensure your side of the story is heard.

As journalists, we can guarantee that we will have issued a professionally-produced, full-flight media response within the same time it takes other PR companies to sit down and have their first meeting.
And, best of all, we can show you the best ways to turn bad news into something positive.