What We Do

Imagine if the journalists currently employed by media organisations also worked for you. Imagine the positive coverage.
Fortunately for journalism, this is not about to happen.
But Elite Public Relations, Australia’s best PR agency, can offer you the next best thing.
Our journalists are from the newsrooms that decide what is and is not published. We use journalists who know what makes news and how to maximise the chances of successfully gaining media exposure. This is not something that can be learned in a classroom.
Consider this: Every day a team of journalists walks into their newspaper, radio or television station to an empty slate and each day they have to discover, research and produce enough content to fill a particular publication or show. In the case of a newspaper this can be more than 100 pages a day; television stations can have an hour of news while radio stations are on the lookout for something fresh every hour.
The expertise required to fill these publications and the speed that is required to do this means journalists can think, research and act fast. We can draw on a career of resources and the contacts to get what we need at a moment’s notice. Journalists have access to people and places that ordinary PR companies can only dream of.