Why Use Elite

Pick up the phone and call any journalist at any media outlet and ask them what they think of PR people in general.
We know exactly what they will say because we are journalists and it won’t be complimentary.
Most public relations companies promise their clients the world. A team of savvy suits will pitch for your business and talk about their media contacts and expertise.
Then, when you have signed a hefty retainer, they will assign a 21-year-old graduate who knows nothing about the media (or your business) to run your account.
And the bigger, and more expensive, the PR company is, the more likely this is to happen.
Hiring a public relations firm is a risky business. If you pick the wrong PR firm you will not get maximum exposure. Elite Public Relations is owned and staffed only by current or former print, radio and television journalists.
If you want media coverage, the choice is simple.
Hire the journalists who have lived and breathed the news… or take a risk with someone else.
Elite represents some of the wealthiest individuals in Australia and around the world. If you want an Elite team to represent you or your company, call the number below.